I have been dog sitting Freya about 7 months now. The owner of this dog LOVES her immensely, however, he had to take on a new job and was working 14+ hour days. He did hire people to take her out during the day for walks and such, but being a cane corso, she is very leery of strangers. She would not leave her crate for any dog walker regardless of what they would do to coax her out.

The owner who would love to have her back, knows that it is virtually impossible given his work schedule and the fact she won't listen to anyone but him, so there is no one to care for her during the work day.

Freya is up for adoption to the perfect 5 star home. Her adoption fee will be what it cost me to spay her before she goes to her new home.

Freya is a cane corso, so she is very leery of strangers, which makes her a great guard dog. She is not an outside dog and will need a home where she is part of the family and lives inside. I do have several dogs here, which she gets along with for the most part, but she does not do well with dogs she doesn't know, so if you like to go to dog parks, she is not the dog for you. If you like to go for runs with your dog off lease, she is probably not the dog for you. She will need a leash on all the time when out side in public places.

She was originally bought by a family in Seattle when she was 4 months old from a breeder in Florida.. He wasn't a very good breeder as the dog is very poorly bred and looks more like a cross than a purbred corso. Anyway, over the next 4 months in her first home, she had started to be aggressive with their german Shepard who was months away from having to be put down due to his old age. This family gave the dog to me to place. I kept her for a month with my dogs to see how she was, but I did not see her show any signs of aggression towards any of my dogs. I did see her show signs of submission though. I placed her in a fantastic home, where she was loved beyond measure. She did everything with her new owner. They spent hours every day, walking, biking trails and going to work with him at his old job.

He took her to dog parks all the time when he first got her at 8 months old. She did fine at the dog parks and would occasionally act submissive with certain dogs. She never showed signs of aggression. He took her to training classes and worked a lot on obedience. Over the next few months she slowly started showing signs of being overly aggressive for no reason with other dogs at the parks. She has never put teeth to another dog, but jumps on them and acts as though she would like to. Ryan spent months working with her, with remote trainers, trying to get her to stop this aggressive behavior with lots of obedience. He also hired trainers to try and figure out what is going on and how to put an end to this behavior, but they never could stop her. She responds well to the remote trainer though, you just have to be ready to correct her when you see signs that she is a little two interested in a dog on walks when she is off leash.

She is just over 2 years old now and is a very good a loving dog with her owner and like most corso's does not accept or trust strangers. If left in a yard, she will get board and dig holes. She can dig the deepest holes faster than I have ever seen any dog dig.. If placed in her crate, because her owner needs to go to work or shopping, she can not have any dog beds with her, as she will rip them apart. I have tried to give her comfy dog beds while dog sitting her here for all these months and she still tears the dog beds apart in a matter of minutes, so she has to sleep in a bare crate.

I do want to see her stay local, so I can help with whatever her needs may be, from dog sitting to helping her new family with obedience or anything else they may need.

Her spay is booked for January 15, so she will be available to go to her new home once she is healed, which will likely be around the first week in February. I will do a home visit before placing her. Please make sure to give a lot of thought to owning a guardian breed before calling me. This is not the breed for everyone, but she will definitely make you feel safer in your home and will love you immensely.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call 360-306-1954


freya is looking for her forever home

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available $300