Veda is an adorable little fawn pied girl. She turned 2 years old this past January.

Veda has a couple issues that require special care. 

1. Veda has a food allergy, but the hypo chicken (hydrolyzed protein) food she is on keeps that under control. 

2. Veda was born deaf, although you would never know it by the way she runs around.  Deaf dogs are easy to communicate with, when they are not looking at you.  Train them to look at you for direction with a collar that vibrates!

3. Veda can be snappy with dogs she doesn't know.  Once she warms up to her new fur brother/sister in the home, she becomes a good friend and companion to them. (Update: Veda is training to correct this and appears to be doing great!)

Now that you know all about her faults, the following are her strengths

1. Veda is very loving and attentive to adults and children, especially her own human family!


Veda has found her forever home

If you think this sweet little girl would be a great fit for your family, please fill out an application. 

Veda was not a dog in my breeding program, she is a sweet little girl that is owned by another family that needs to re-home her.

sold $500